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[infographic] Instagram Marketing

This weeks infographic deals with another way to communicate to teenagers.  The tool we are looking at is instagram.  Facebook just purchased this company for one billion a few months ago.  I have noticed a ton of teens adapting this social media tool.  A few of the teens I work with are ditching facebook for twitter, and instagram.  I think that youth pastors can adapt, and use this tool to reach students in their communities.

Here are a few things that stand out:

1. Creates intimacy.   The statement, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, is true with instagram.  Posting a photo lets the student into your work.  What passage are you working on this week?  What other books are you reading?  What is your family doing?  This is a great way for a student to see your life from a distance.

2. Use hashtags.  This is a great way to filter photos that relate to your youth ministry group.

3. Curate, snap, hashtag, engage, and repeat.  That is your instagram plan.  If you personally don’t have time to do this, get an intern to do it, or a student in your youth ministry.

What else stands out to you? Do you use instagram? 

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