Do you have a mac with Lion OSX? (its the operating system)

If you do, there is a new upgrade coming your way called Mountain Lion.  I am looking forward to this new update, and the cool features that come with it.  Oh, and did I say that it only costs $20?

Here are the new features I am looking for: 

1. Dictation.  I can’t wait to write draft posts for this website by talking to my computer.  Here is a summary from their website, ” Now you can talk anywhere you can type. Dictation converts your words into text. It uses the built-in microphone on your Mac, so there’s no need to set anything up — just start speaking instead of typing. When you say “comma” or “exclamation point,” Dictation punctuates for you. The more you use Dictation, the smarter it gets. It learns voice characteristics. And it recognizes people from your contacts so it enters names accurately.”  I hope this is like Siri for the computer.

2. Airplay.  This one feature will have me out purchasing an apple tv.  Also, I might get one for the youth room.  Here is a summary from apple’s website, “AirPlay Mirroring is made for an audience. Because with a click, what’s on your Mac is also on your HDTV. It’s easy to set up with Apple TV. Show web pages and videos to friends on the couch, share lessons with a classroom, or present to a conference room. AirPlay audio streams the music, podcasts, and other audio on your Mac to AirPlay-enabled speakers. It’s a big deal for your Mac. And for everyone around it.”  I could stream my lesson right to the projector wirelessly.  How awesome is that!

3.  Safari.  I have been using google’s chrome browser, but with this new update, I am tempted to switch.  Here are some cool features, “When you open web pages on your iPhone or iPad, iCloud Tabs makes them available on your Mac, too.4 So you can pick up browsing wherever you left off. And now that Safari saves entire web pages in your Reading List — not just the links — you can catch up on your reading even without an Internet connection. Safari delivers the fastest JavaScript of any browser.”

4. Mail.  With the new updates to mail you can set people up as VIP’s.  You can quickly hit the VIP tab and read all the emails from the vip people.  This is kind of like the flags already setup, but with more purpose.  Another great feature for a great email managing system. Another cool feature for mail is being able to customize the message that you receive when an email comes in.  You can set it up only to notify you when a VIP emails you.

I am looking forward to this update.  I am glad that apple is making some great changes to a great operating system.

What operating system do you use?  

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