Do you know these children’s text abbreviations?

  • POS: Parents Over Shoulder
  • FMTYEWTK: For More Than You Ever Wanted To Know
  • BTWITIAILWY: By the way, I think I am in love with you
  • TTYL: Talk To You Later
  • MIA: Missing In Action
  • MYOB: Mind Your Own Business
  • IYD: In your Dream

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t know most of those text message abbreviations.  We live in a world today where we have to understand the students we are trying to reach, and the language they use.  Because most of their lives are lived out in a digital world, we need to understand the way they communicate.

This infographic called: Text Message Acronyms is helpful for youth workers, parents, teachers and anyone trying to figure out how teenagers communicate via text.

One of the observations from this infographic is that you could figure out these abbreviations and get a texting service for your youth ministry as a way to promote and communicate with the students you are trying to reach.

The students I reach live on their phones.  Trying to them off their phones for 2 hours each week is difficult.  One of the rules that we have as a small group each week is that there can be no phones.  Sometimes, they will even bust some of the leaders.

Whether you like it or not, you need to understand text message abbreviations.  There is going to be more of them as we work with more students who are digital natives.

Here is what you can do with this infographic.  Print it off and give it to parents, forward it on to parents in an monthly parent email, share this post with parents in your church, share this post with teachers in the schools near you.  This is a helpful starter kit for understanding text message abbreviations.


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