One of the best ways to communicate today is by text message.  When I came to my new ministry 3 years ago, the first thing I did was find a great texting service.  It took a ton of time to find the right program, and one of the things I found out is that a lot of programs will up sell you once you get in.  I personally use a great texting program that you can get anymore.  So, I have been on the look out for cheap and affordable texting plan. approached me to review their program, because they thought it would be a great resource for pastors.  So, I checked into it.

Here is are some of the features of

Text Message & Email Broadcasting: On top of our calling services, we also offer text message (SMS)and email delivery of your messages – email is included for free on all accounts!

Detailed Broadcast Reports: As soon as you send out a blast you’ll get a detailed report of what happened on every call. Call reports are also available to download to your computer.

iPhone & Android Apps: With our free mobile apps you can record messages, send broadcasts, and see reports right from your smartphone. Visit the mobile apps page for more information!

Polling & RSVP System: Want to send out a phone poll or acquire responses from your recipients? With our polling system you can ask a question in your recorded message, let people respond back, and view their responses in your call reports.

Push To Connect: Send out a call and give people the option of pressing a key to connect directly to you! We’ll connect the person with any phone number you wish.

Free To Try & Use: DialMyCalls is completely free to try and use. Just create your account and you can send a 30 second message to up to 25 contacts once per week at no charge.

Those are the features of  One thing that stands out to me is that this is more than just a texting service.  It really is a complete phone system that you can modify to fit your needs.   I am impressed with all that it can do!

The things we love about

The pricing.  The plans aren’t crazy expensive.  If you want a free plan with not a ton of options you can check out  If you want more features like me, then this is a viable option for your youth ministry.   I would be in the 101-200 plan which is $54.99 a month, or roughly $600 a year.  The money is well worth it for every message to be delivered.

If you think about Facebook and if you put a message on your page, only 20-30% will actually see the add.  The first time I sent out my text message to my youth group I was amazed that 100% of the messages were delivered.  That’s right 100%.  That is worth some money in the budget each year for communication.

– Features. has tons of features.  So many features that you will have to go and check it out.  It’s one of those programs that you really need to try out to see if it will fit, and meet the needs of your youth ministry.  You could just use the texting service, or you could use the poll system for interactive polls during a series or a sermon.  You could call people through it.  It’s impressive.

If you want to see if this texting service is a good fit for you and your youth ministry, I would always recommend setting up a free trial account to see if it works the way you want.  I am constantly doing this.

You can check out more about here.


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