Do you use banners in your youth ministry?

Making custom banners is one of the easiest ways to change your youth ministry space.  I share my youth ministry space with my sunday morning services, so one of the ways that I make the space feel different on a tuesday night is with banners.  I have two huge 4ft by 12ft banners that run up a balcony.  These banners welcome students in on a tuesday night.  It makes the space feel a little more youth friendly.  You can check out those banners here.

We use banners everywhere.  We have banners for our canteen store.  We have banners for our youth walls.  We are working on banners for the stage, and out in the parking lot.  You can find all the banners we work on in the youth ministry media store.

The company that we go with for banners is banners on the cheap.  The reason why we go with this company is because they are cheap!  Just like the name says.

You might be asking how cheap? Well, here are the prices.

A 4ft by 8ft banner over at banners on the cheap is only $34.72. 

A 12ft by4ft banner over at banners on the cheap is only $45.20.

You can get Retractable banners for $99.  (this is what we will use for the stage!)

I don’t know about you, but those deals make it worth it.  I asked a local company to give me a quote, and the cheapest they could do with a non-for-profit deal was $200 for a 4ft by 8ft banner.  From time to time, I will order a 30ft by 4 ft banner for the fence, or roof of my church building.  I can get a 4ft by 30ft banner for $110.  I called in town for a quote, and they said the cheapest was $650!  Get banners for your youth ministry with banners on the cheap won’t break your youth ministry budget.

If you hate your youth ministry space because it is shared, you need to check out banners as an option to making it your own.  Having your own branding is one of the simplest ways to make a space your own.

If you don’t use banners and you want to you, need to check out banners on the cheap (With that link you get 10% off and free shipping).


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