Do you have a youth ministry website?


I think that it is crucial for churches and youth ministries to set up great looking websites.  Why would I say that?  Because no one just shows up anymore. They google you!  Your website is now your front door.  5-10 years ago teens would show up to check out your youth ministry.  Now, they check out your website.

I personally think that a website is the hub of information, and social networking.  It is your digital footprint in the online world.  Do you have a digital footprint?  If not, I would recommend setting up a website that will link your facebook page, your twitter account, and youtube page, or whatever else you have.

One great place to host your site is called: Host Nine 

Here are a few cool features: 

1. Easy to use.  It is simple to use.  My friends have set up accounts quickly and with no hassle.

2. Customer Support.  Are you new to this?  You will run into issues.  When you do, you will want to be able to talk to a real person.  Their customer support is where it is at.

3. 45 days money back guarantee!  The will actually refund your money?  what other hosting company is doing this?  I love it.


What are you waiting for?  Set up your youth ministry website today at Host Nine.  

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