When were you born?  If you were born in 1980 and on, you are either a Millennial (like me), or generation Z.

Things have changed.  I have seen church leaders struggle with this new generation.  It’s so easy to be dismissive, blame, or shame these generations for being different.  I have heard every negative thing about my generation and the next.  Things like, “they don’t read books anymore”, or “they can’t focus”.

This infographic called: Kids of the past vs internet generation is worth checking out.  It’s helpful to see the differences between 4 different generations.  Is it worse today?  Here are some things that stood out.

  1. 90% of millennials use the internet.  I am not surprised by this, but only 10 percent of millennials and above don’t use the internet.  This really is the new way of life.  I have seen students bullied for not being online.  If you want to see where students are today, they are online.  Millennials are the one to get their news online.  Last weekend, I was talking to a student about T.V.  We were at a cabin watching cable T.V, and he said, “who still watching cable t.v?, this is trash.”  Millennials are going to stream shows they want, or get it on netflix.
  2. Children are 6 time more likely to play a video game than ride a bike.  This is true.  I have been biking with my kids each week, and I never see people out.  If I was to log on to my console to play a video game, the majority of my students would be there.  One of the ways to reach students in my ministry context in the past has been to play online with them.  This has been a successful way to develop a relationship while doing something together.
  3. 54% of millennials have some college.  This is the most educated generation.  The majority of students are graduating and moving on to college.  One of the things my ministry has been thinking through is whats next for students who graduate out of the ministry.  What its he goal?  The goal for us is to have students attend one year at a Bible College.
  4. 22% of 17 year olds read each day for fun.  This one took awhile to decipher.  Students are reading less and less.  What does this mean for students and Bible reading?  Are they reading the Bible on their app?  If only 22% of students are reading for fun, and 26% voluntarily read a book if they read it previously, will it become increasing difficult for students to maintain a Bible reading plan?  Millennials are so focused on screen time, they are ditching reading.  I would love to know what the stats are on millennials reading the Bible through apps like you version.  I wonder if it’s better today or worse?

Check out the infographic below. 

The Differing Online Habits of Millennials

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