Do you post images to your Facebook account, twitter profile, or your instagram account?

Images are king in the world of social media.  What you put online matters.  What images you put online are critical.  It portrays what people will feel and know about your ministry.  An image can draw students in, or push them away.

It’s important that when you are making images for your multiple accounts that your images all look the same, and are displaying a cohesive message.

Here is an infographic called: The importance of visual content. 

40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text.  If you want to get a message across, it’s better if you use an image.  It’s important how you use slides with a sermon, or a sermon series.  It will either help you get your message across, or take away from it.  People for the most part respond better to images.  If you want to be better at communicating, you should communicate through images.

46% of people say a website’s design is the number one criterion for discerning a companies credibility.  A year ago, a family showed up at my church.  I asked them if they are new, and they said they were.  I was excited that they just moved to town and showed up.  I asked them later that day how they heard of the church, and the first thing the dad said was the website.  Really?  The website was what drew you to the church.

Your church and youth ministries crediblity is based on your web presence.  What does your social media look like?  Does it look professional?  Is it cohesive?  This really matters.

You might be a graphic designer, but you likely aren’t.

My old boss used to say that you don’t need to be a pro at all things, somethings you will just need to have a passing grade.  Here are some tool that will help you get a passing grade in displaying images online.

A free design program.  This is a web based tool called canva.  It’s incredibly useful, and is easy to use.

Word swag.  I love this app.  It’s so useful for communicating so many different things.  I use this program for posting the passage each week, event details, and more.  One of the key tips is to add your logo to your photo library and include it in your image you make.

Visual content is the key.  Make sure that all your communication is visual!  Check out this awesome infographic below.


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