Are you looking for a fun to play with your students during March Madness?

If you are, we have a game for you, it’s called the impossible shot.  It’s pretty simple.

Buy a mini basketball hoop (buy it here), and set up the shot from a huge distance.  Each student gets one shot.  If they make the shot they win a prize, if not, the prize is carried over to the next person.

We are adding to the shot $5 each time.  One of our groups currently has a jackpot of $25, and the jr.youth group got the shot 2nd try.

We really didn’t need to hype up the impossible shot game, the students hyped it up themselves.  The students wanted to practice after youth, but we put the mini basketball and hoop away.  We are doing this for the next two weeks with a jackpot of up to $50.

This might be the best game we have played this year.

We have made a background image that you can use for the impossible shot game.  Enjoy!

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