Do you get comments on your website?  

There might be one reason why you are not getting comments on your site.  That reason is your commenting system.  I love commenting on peoples blogs.  The thing I hate is when I write out a huge comment only to have it erased, or I have to sign into some weird program that will email me back if the person responds.

Having a great comment system is a huge asset, and this is why I have recommended in the past Disqus on my post, Social Media Strategy: Comments.  I personally think that everyone should have this comment system, and I have been using the free version for over a year, and I still love it.  You can check out Disqus here.

About a month ago, I noticed on seventy8productions website a different version of Disqus.  Initially, I thought Jeremy purchased the pro version.  This wasn’t the case, he was just using the beta version of the New Disqus, or Disqus 2012…its really the same thing.

Here are a few thoughts on the new disqus:

 I love it!  I think this is the best commenting system on the planet.  I like the simplistic design, and that they are hiding the link bait from the main comment.  I imagine that a lot of people made complaints that people were spamming pro blogger sites in order to get clicks back to there site.

Creating community.  I appreciate that Disqus is stepping up the community interaction tool and allowing people to follow others comments.  This way the whole community is in the loop.  I also like being able to like someone’s comment, or bump it up.  Another great feature they added to create community is to facebook or tweet out a comment or a comment thread.  I am looking into using this feature.  Get ready for me to try it out!

SEO is better that ever! One of the biggest features that Disqus offers is the backlinking.  This is still available, but the designers tone it down, so that the link isn’t so obnoxious.  Make sure that your profile is set up correctly, and that your information points back to your website.

Here is an example of a incorrect set up: 



Here is a correct Disqus set up: 


Do you see the difference?  My profile has my info and my website.  So, every time I make a comment on someone’s website with Disqus it leaves a link back to my website.

Some other new SEO features are: Social sharing links point directly to your URLs—no duplication on  Real-time commenting provides “freshness” lift to your pages.  Especially critical for SEO lift on pages with minimal text content such as photo galleries and video.


What are you waiting for?  Go get the new Disqus 2012!  Did I mention it’s free?

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