This might be the best deal in October next to think geeks airzookas(I just bought 4 of them!).  Here are awesome resources that are tried and tested by youth pastors.  This month you get $25 worth of resources for $9.99.  What are you waiting for?  Make this October your best one yet, without breaking the bank.


The Gospel in Life sermon($1.99) is a 1 week standalone sermon.  It is based on Acts 19:21-41.  This sermon includes an outline, sermon, small group questions, and images.

How to become a christian example sermon ($1.99).  How do you explain to someone or your group how to become a Christian?  One of the hardest things to explain in a simple and clear way.  Here is a great example as how to help people come to know Christ.

Kingdoms Sermon ($1.99).  Kingdoms is a 1 week standalone sermon.  It is based on John 18:33-40.


French Frie Run Event ($5.99). One of the most successful jr.youth events we have ever done.  Great for large, medium and small groups.  This is a great way to build community with your youth ministry.  Download this event and use it this month.

The Great Emoticon Challenge: Movie Edition ($1.99). Here is a fun game to play today with your youth group.  Can you figure out what movie the emojis are saying?   Download this awesome game today.


Be The Light Banners ($6.99). These retractable banners will look amazing in any youth room.  It’s a simple way to step up your branding for your youth ministry.

Youth Ministry Invite Cards ($1.99). When you are around town and see a student, make sure you have a invite card ready.  This could be the simplest way you or the students in ministry invite people out.  These cards look awesome, and you won’t be ashamed to give them out.

Countdown Clocks

Skateboarding 60 Second Countdown Clock Round 2 ($1.99). This 60 second skateboarding youth ministry countdown is perfect for the start of a night, or for transitions during games.

Get the October Bundle Here.

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