Here is the weekly infographic.  Do you know what the teenagers you are working with are looking at online?  I doubt it, and I doubt that a lot of the parents in your church know either.  This is a staggering infographic on the secret life of the online teenager from zone alarm.

Here are a few things that standout: 

1. 91% of teens say their parents trust them online, but 56% of teens say their parents don’t know what they do online.    I think we need to be bold and ask teens where they have been online.  If no one is going to ask them what they are looking at online, you could be the person in their life that has the relationship to ask those difficult questions.  From time to time, I will ask a student where they have been online in the last day.  I will ask for highs and lows.  A lot of times I will get pat answers, but sometimes I will get the truth.  We need accountability when it comes to where we go online.

2. 32% of girls have chatted with strangers online, and 24% of guys have chatted with strangers online.  This is a freaky stat.  That means 1/3 of the girls in our youth groups are chatting with strangers.  I think we need to talk about this when it comes to dating/relationships because online relationships are relationships.

How can we protect the students in our youth ministries from entering into dangerous relationships?  One way we can do this is to talk about who they friend online, and how it’s not a popularity contest.  We need to work with parents to help the student.  Parents need to know who their students are friending and chatting with online.

What stands out to you from this infographic? 


The Secret Life of the Online Teenager


What stands out to you from this infographic


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