I have a confession to make.

A few months ago I bought a selfie stick.  Trust me, I mainly bought it for camp!  It’s funny that a selfie stick is a thing.  I remember when my arm was good enough to take a picture, but now we need a stick.  There are funny videos about selfie sticks (Watch on youtube here).  Selfie sticks have been banned in the White House and at Disneyland.  They are being banned at most concerts.  This is more than just a thing, it’s a syndrome.  There is a need for us to post photos of ourselves that show who we are.

I stumbled across this infographic called, “The Selfie Syndrome.”  I think this is valuable for us as youth workers as we lead students who are becoming more and more narcissistic.  Actually, I think we are also becoming narcissistic.  We need to be aware, and lead the students to be more focused on Jesus and others than themselves.

Here is a helpful resource you can use, and pass on to parents.  We need to start dialogues about how to get students off their devices, and focused on real face to face relationships.  Digital relationships will never be able to replace real face to face relationships.

the selfie syndrome infographic

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