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What tech toys do you want for christmas this year?

Here is a little list of things we would love this year.  Enjoy!

1. ipad Mini











We all know that every youth pastor would love one of these little toys.  Its small enough to preach out of, and you could hold every book on the go.  This truly would get rid of the laptop for me.  I would just have a desktop at work.

The cost on one of these sweet little ipad mini’s is: $329 from apple.

I could how this could be useful in ministry in so many different ways.  I personally think the ipad is way to big to carry around.

2. Nexus 7


If you can’t afford the ipad mini, this is the next best thing.  People will say that this is the better hardware and it really is.  Google and apple are way out in front when it comes to tablets.  I personally would love an ipad mini, but I would definitely enjoy this.

I think that the ipad will last you longer than anything else on the market because it is proven by apples track record.  This is a great little gadget.  Pick it up the Google Nexus 7 Tablet (16 GB)
for $237 here.


3.  Apple tv 

The apple tv was one of the best purchases I made last year.  I am going to buy one for my youth ministry this christmas.

There are so many different uses for youth ministry.  I could wirelessly stream my mac for teaching, we could play breaker games with iphones.  You could stream music, and create playlists from your phone.  You could control your playlists from your iphone!   I think this is a fantastic for any youth ministry or youth pastor!

A new apple tv will set you back $99.  It is definately worth it!  Get it here.

4.  Viewsonic 27inch Monitor 











I think this would look awesome on your desk!  My goal for next year is to turn my office into a space where I can do a lot of teaching from.  I have people in my office all day.  It would be great to have a place where I could link up to my laptop on my apple tv and do some teaching to student leaders or interns.

I think this monitor would do a great job for a office monitor, or a screen to teach from.

The cost of a 27 inch monitor from viewsonic is $280.  You can pick yours up for your office here.

5. Web hosting


Do you have a website?

Get your youth ministry a website.  I am getting one for my youth ministry this christmas!  I love bluehost because they are simple to set up.  If I get another call from a youth pastor friend asking him/her to help set up a website I will lose it!

Go and check out bluehost here.


6.  Beats by Dre 


I purchased these headphones this past year, and I love them.  They are one of the best purchases of the year.  They are awesome.  I have used them in my office to cancel out the noise from other staff members.  I let my 2 year old son destroy them on a plane to hawaii.  I let youth use them for games on our mid week program.  These things have held up nicely.  The only downer is the price.  Check them out here.

7. iPhone 5


Do you have an iPhone 5?

If I was a Lead Pastor, and I was give my staff a really sweet gift this year, it would be an iPhone 5.  If they already had an iPhone 5 it would be a ipad mini.  I personally think that all pastors should own a iPhone.  This is one handy tool to have in your pocket!

8. Bose Soundlink Bluetooth mobile speaker







I would love this speaker for youth outings.  I would love this for my office.  I would love this for my home.

This is one sweet speaker!  The best part is that its wireless.

Check it out on amazon here.

9. Nikon D800


This past year a friend of mine filmed a video for my youth ministry.  It was incredible!  The quality was better than anything I have seen on the market.

That day I decided I wanted/needed this camera.

Check out the camera here.  (beware: its really expensive)


What would you add to that list?


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