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I love getting books at Christmas.  The best part is being able to read them during some down time after the craziness of Christmas.  Here are some awesome books to check out this year.









1. Kindle.  What a great gift.  I purchased a kobo awhile ago, and I love it.  The e-ink is clear and easy to read.  I never thought I would be able to ditch the traditional print format.  The best part of a kindle is that they are cheaper than ever before, and all the books for kindle are cheap.











2. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.  This is one book that I am looking forward to reading and reviewing on this site.  I have read a few reviews already and I have enjoyed the reviews and Steve Job’s endless pursuit of simplicity.


3. Sticky Faith.  This is a book I have been hearing a lot about lately.  It is on my books I want to read list.  Have you read this book?  If not, I hear its a must read for any youth worker.





4. Any thing by Seth Godin.  I have read a few books by Seth Godin.  He is a great author and his books are amazing.  If you were check out a book, you could look at poke the box.  I reviewed the book here.





Resonate main page review Resonate Book Review


5. Resonate.  This is one book that I think every youth worker should read.  Actually, every person who wants to communicate effectively in a digital world.  I love the way that the book is laid out.


6. Anything else recommended by Youth Ministry Media.  I have recommended some great books this past year.
I need your help.  What would you add?  


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