If you are in youth ministry today, you hear that we are big on relationships.  We have abandoned programs, and we have adopted a relational model.

I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago, and he made a comment that struck me.  He said, “Do we really value relationships if we don’t model it in our own life?”  This comment made me thing about how I spend my time in ministry.  Am I building my youth group/program, or am I building into people?  The obvious answer is both.  I spend a considerable amount of time running programs, and I also spend time each week connecting with teenagers.  But the question is, How many hours a week do I spend with friends or relationships in my own life?

If we want to see the teenagers that we work with develop relationships and be apart of a community, the first step is for us to be apart of a community, and for us as youth workers to value relationships in our own life.  It is easy to become focused on the program because that is what we can control.  We can organize awesome events, and cool games.  We can write great small group questions.  Do we model for the students we work with how to have great relationships? What are you focused on?

How do you develop relationships outside of your youth ministry?  Do you find it difficult?  

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