2014 was an awesome year for us here at Youth Ministry Media.  In 2014 we wrote 70 articles, and had over 80,000 page views.  Not bad for a little guy like us.  It has been a blast writing articles, and sharing tons of resources for youth pastors.  It is so rewarding to hear how youth pastors have been impacted by the resources that we recommend, or create here at youth ministry media.  We are thankful to be apart of your ministries.

Here are the top 10 most viewed blog posts of 2014.  You might have read them all, or maybe there are a few extra articles that you have never seen before.  Thanks for all your support this past year.  Enjoy!

1. 5 Websites Youth Pastors Need To Know About.   5 amazing websites that every youth pastor needs to know about.

2. Freebies.  Youth pastors love free stuff.  Here is over 100 free resources that range from planning calendars to games.  Great resource of free stuff.

3. The Printable Youth Pastor.  This is one of our top series, and it will continue to be as we update it every year.  It has planning calendars, series outlines, talk templates and more.  I loved creating this.

4. Social Media.  This category was a popular one in 2014 and I feel it will continue to be in 2015 as students and our youth ministries navigate a digital world.

5. Top 5 Christmas Fonts. I love fonts, and every christmas this gets a ton of hits.  You need special fonts for christmas!

6. The Best Script Fonts.  This post is two years old, but it came in the top 10.  I love that old content is getting a ton of love.  Fonts matter more than ever.

7. Free Preaching Template.  I love that this made it into the top 10.  I hope that youth pastors develop more as preachers, and are honing the craft of sermon prep.  This tool will help you preach more effectively.

8. Social Media Cheat Sheet [infographic].   This was a lifesaver last year.  It has all the dimensions for all the social networks.  I am not too sure if it is still up to date.  It’s the one place for all you social media dimensions.

9. Selife Challenge [game].  Simple game that will get everyone involved.

10. The Truth About Teens Sexting [infographic].  This post will get a lot of hits in the years to come as we try to figure out how to walk students through life in a digital world.  We need to collaborate in order to figure out how to make disciples today in a digital world.


There is my top 10.  What were your favourite blog posts for 2014? 

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