2016 has been a great year for Youth Ministry Media.  I am always amazed at how this website has grown and adapted to help youth pastors.  Our resources are for youth pastors by youth pastors.  This is always going to be the case.  This past year we have grown the store and the content on the website. We took a break at the end of November to see what would happen if I stopped writing, and we did notice a slight drop.  Not a huge one.

Things we are working on for 2017:

  • Writing content for other websites
  • Writing at least 2 posts per week on youth ministry media
  • 5 new store items per month

With all that said,  I am excited for this coming year.  Youth ministry is shifting in North America, and I am excited to see where the next generation of leaders are going to come from!

Thanks for stopping by!  Looking forward to seeing you more in 2017.  If you have any ideas for the website please email me at kolby.milton.media@gmail.com.

Kolby Milton

Youth Ministry Media


Here are the top posts of 2016.  I am always curious to see what people are looking at, and what drives them to youth ministry media.

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  6. 3 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

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  8. Freebie Friday: 5 days a week planning sheet

  9. How Teens Media Consumption Has Changed [infographic]

  10. 26 Resources To Help Your Youth Ministry

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