This has been one crazy year.  I launched this site only to have no one read it.  I almost killed it, and then for some reason it started to catch on.  I posted 123 times in 2011, and I am starting to get the hang of this blogging thing.

Here are my top 5 posts from this past year according to traffic.  We will start in reverse order.


5. 5 great wordpress themes for your site.

4. 5 iphone apps you need for youth ministry.  

3. 5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World 

2. Create a crazy cool youth ministry logo.

And the number one post from this past year is….

1. 5 Minutes to master illustrator.     



My 3 favourite posts of the past year are:  

1.  Developing a social media strategy. I will be releasing an ebook in 2012 titled Developing a social media strategy for your youth ministry.

2.  Is youth ministry dead?  This was a fun post that stirred up some controversy this past month!  I enjoyed the dialogue, even though some youth workers became pretty heated over the subject.    

3. Poke the box review.  This is by far one of my favorite books from this past year.  I think every youth pastor should read this.  We need more youth pastors poking the box.


What are your favourite posts from youth ministry media this past year?   

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