Here are the top ten posts from the month of February.  For some reason it was a slog to get through February, but the best part is that we made it through.  Did you miss any of these posts from the past month?   


1.  Infograhic: Facebook and Teens Emotions (Feb 8,2012)

2.  Freebies (Just the page.  It moved up one ranking in the past month)

3. Friday Freebie: 3 free fonts February 2012 (Feb 10th, 2012)

4. Create a crazy cool youth ministry logo (April 29, 2010) This is up 3 spaces.

5.  5 Ways to Communicate Effectively in a Digital World (August 19, 2011) Down one spot.

6. Friday Freebie: 24/7 Prayer Lent Videos (Feb 17th, 2012)

7. Does your youth ministry need social media? (Feb 7th, 2012)

8. 5 minutes to Master illustrator (May 18, 2010)

9. 5 free wordpress themes January 2012 (Jan 20, 2012)

10.  Infographic: Facebook and Relationships (Feb 1st, 2012)

Looking at the above top 10 posts from the past month, one thing is clear.  You want posts on social media.  I am going to work on a new series with social media.

Also, you love free stuff.  I am glad that I can find you free resources for your youth ministry.


Top Commenters

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Here are the 3 top commenters on the month.  You will all receive a free epub of Seth Godin book, “Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us Top Posts and Commenter of the Month: January 2012“.

1. Benjer McVeigh (Love your comment!)

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2. mijah 

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3. Ken McIntyre

Check out his awesome site,



 What was your best post last month?  Why do you think it was so popular?  

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