How much time do you spend on facebook?  I recently took a test to see if I was addicted to my phone and I barely passed.  You can check out if you are addicted to your smartphone here, Are you addicted to your smart phone?.

Here are a few things that stand out:

1. We typically spend 6.5 hours on facebook a month!  The crazy thing is that is only one social networking tool.  Facebook is dominate when it comes to our time online.

2. 15-22 year olds are dropping email.  Communicating with teenagers is changing and we are slowing becoming outdated as youth workers.  How are you communicating online?  Do you have a budget for promoting youth events on facebook?

3. Multi-Tasking.  %65 percent of tablet users surf the web while watching tv.  I am not surprised by this.  This generation is known for being able to multitask.


What else stands out to you?  How many hours do you spend on social media each month ?