What conferences do you go to each year?  

I am off this weekend to Canadian Youth Workers Convention.  It is going to be an awesome weekend of relaxing, learning, and hanging out.  Some of the sessions I am looking forward to this weekend are: Ministry on Campus: Engaging Students in an Increasingly Hostile Culture by Geoff Stewart, Creating and Casting a Vision that Captures the Hearts of Students, The 21st Century Exodus by Danielle Strickland, and A Theological Response to the Six Burdens Driving Youth Ministries with Dave Overholt.  If you are from Canada and read this blog please find me, I would love to connect with you over coffee, or just hangout.

Here are a few things I am looking forward to this weekend and what I look forward to at each conference I go to:

1. Sleeping in.  It is going to be nice to sleep in past the usual 6am wake up that my kids feel like is necessary torture.  It will be awesome to stay up late with friends talking about life and ministry, and it is equally awesome to sleep in later in the morning.

2. Hanging out with friends.  I love meeting new people, or seeing friends that I haven’t seen in awhile.  This is a great time of just sharing life.  I facebook my friends to make sure that there is lots of opportunity to hangout during the weekend.  These moments with friends have been impactful for me, and have encouraged me to continue on in ministry.  Take moments, and create margin for for people.

3. Buying a moleskine and take a ton of notes.  I want dedicated moleskines for different conferences, so when I come back after it won’t be lost in a ton of other random pages.  I love being able to go back on the shelf and dig out notes to look over.  Another alternative is to use a book like ecosystem notebooks that you can tear off and scan in after the conference to evernote.  I love having everything on evernote.  I would love to use my iPad, but I hate taking notes on the stupid thing with my stylus.  It never works right!!!

4. Eating great food.  I love being able to find awesome restaurants and  splurging a big on a few really great meals.  There are some great dinners for 2 over at travelzoo.   I might see if a few people will buy some with me, and go for a awesome meal out one night.  Meat & Bread is also a must go to restaurant.

I also love being able to drink some of the best coffee in the world.  One coffee shop you will want to hit up is JJ Bean.  Nothing better that an americano that isn’t made with burnt coffee beans (sometimes I am a coffee snob!).


This is going to be an awesome weekend.  I know that God has big things in store for us.  I would love to connect over the weekend.  You can find out more about me on this page.  See you at Canadian National Youth Workers Convention!

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