Are students vaping who are in your ministry?

I remember the first time I talked with a student about vaping.  His response was that it was cool, and that the smoke rings are amazing.   How could it be back if there were flavours like creamsicle and cookies and creme.

Vaping caught on quickly and is growing in the teen market.  I stumbled across the infographic called, Seeing through the vapor.

Here are a few things that stand out from the infographic: 

  • Generally recognized as safe – Vapors have chemicals in them that are generally safe to eat, or drink, but they are not tested for inhaling.  We will only know years from now hurtful the chemicals are that people are inhaling.
  • E-cigarettes have no smell – The first time I saw someone vape was at at Skrillex concert, and people were vaping lots of different stuff, but there was no smell.  They could also smuggle their devices in because they are easy to conceal.
  • Smokeless tabacco is a 3 Billion dollar business – This isn’t go away.  It might get more regulations, but we are going to see vaping around for a long time, because it is viewed as a healthy alternative to traditional tobacco.

What else stands out from this infographic on vaping?  How many students are vaping in your ministry?  We have had to deal with students vaping in the washrooms during youth.

Vaping and the teen [infographic]

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