3 plugins you need for your site

by admin February 16, 2011   Website

Before you attempt to use use these plugins you will need a wordpress site.  Learn how to stall one here.


Once you establish a site on wordpress there are thousands of plugins.  The plugins help make your website better.  Here are 3 essentials that everyone needs to start with.  I will review more each month.

3. Twitter Tools

You can incorporate Twitter into your site.  How cool.  Easily update students on what is going on in your youth ministry.  Here is the link.

2. Google Analytics

Does anyone go to your site?   If not then you need to change things.  I love knowing once I have a form on my site that people are actually accessing it.  Last year, I didn’t print off any forms for camp and events.  It all goes on the site and I can track who is on it.  Here is the link.

1. Wp-Super Cache

This one is a bit strange to have as number 1.  This plugin optimized this site to load way faster.  If your site doesn’t load fast no one will want to do to is.  Here is the link.

Do you have any favourites?

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