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Where do you go to get help in youth ministry or to find fresh ideas?

Finding a great youth ministry website that provides resources is an awesome thing to come by.  Recently, I posted about how youth pastors are losing their voice.  I think that there are a lot of younger youth pastors who’s voice would fill in the conversation of youth ministry.  We need diversity.  We need fresh voices.

Here are some youth ministry sites that I feel are worth while. We will start in reverse order.


5.  Life in Student Ministry:  Tim Schmoyer is the founder of Life In Student Ministry and is dedicated to facilitating discussions among Christian youth workers about youth ministry. He is the author of the Youth Specialties/Zondervan book, “Life In Student Ministry: Practical Conversations on Thriving in Youth Ministry,” a national youth leader trainer, speaker, and a super-volunteer at his church.  Check out the site.

4. Reyouthpastor: Website run by  Jeremy Zach.  Here is some of the bio from his site, I have been a 9 year youth pastor-guinea pig trying to experiment with what works and doesn’t work in the church context.  I place a high value on connecting with and learning from student pastors, deliberatively researching, reading, and blogging about student ministry and family ministry, dabbling with online technology, and experimenting in ministry lifestyle design and productivity in the church.

3. Adam MclaneAdam McLane is a Partner at The Youth Cartel and Principal at McLane Creative. He is a purveyor, connoisseur, trader, and collector of ideas.  I appreciate that he is speaking fresh ideas into the world of youth ministry.

2. Rethinking Youth Ministry:  This blog is authored by pastors Brian Kirk and Jacob Thorne, and seeks to rethink the most basic assumptions of youth ministry from a mainline/progressive perspective by offering both theory and practical ideas.

1. Junior High Ministry:   Posts by Kurt Johnston, and Scott Rubin.  I love the content here and have for awhile.  I appreciate Kurt’s honesty, and his ability to speak into the world of youth pastors as a youth pastor.


Here are my top 5, what are the top 5 youth ministry sites you go to?  

  • Anonymous

    Great list, thanks for it! I love them all and read them daily.

  • Yeah great list!  I have found some pretty good stuff from http://www.youthworker.com/ as well.  It might be worth a look. 

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Thanks for the comment. I like youth worker, but I find the layout hard to read. I will check it out again.

  • hey, check out my site iAMtransparent.tv … http://awakenthisheart.com

    • Checked it out. Looks great. Thanks for checking out the site.

  • gonna check the site…thanks…

  • Jeremy Zach

    Hey thanks man!!  I appreciate the link love.  

  • Great stuff! Thanks for putting links like these out there. My husband & I actually just launched a new site for youth ministry this past week – it’s dedicated to sharing and discovering free resources… http://www.stuffyoucanuse.org. 

    We’re actually looking for some new contributors and resources right now, so we’d really love any feedback or submissions anyone might have! 🙂

    • Hi Elle, Thanks for the comment. I love your site. I will try to review it this week. I might use it as the freebie friday. As for contributors what are you looking for?

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