Do you use wordpress?  

When I build websites for churches I always make sure I build it on wordpress.  If you would like to set up a website, make sure to check out my post, “create a website in 10 simple steps.

Once you get a website up and running you realize that there are a lot of plugins and ways to tweak your theme.  Here are a few of my go to plugins when I set up a site.  Enjoy!

My top wordpress plugins: 

1. Disqus Comment System  Having a great comment system will keep people at your website.  I personally hate going to websites only to find they are using the default comment system.  I posted awhile ago on setting up a commenting system.  You can read about it here, Developing a Social Media Strategy: Comments.    Get the plugin here.

2. Shareaholic.  I love having a call to action button at the bottom of each post.  A place where you could share it on facebook, or twitter, or delicious.  Sexybookmarks is a great plugin.  Get it here.

3.  Simple tags.  If you want to set up tags for each most, this plugin will show the density of each tag.  I really enjoy this plugin.   Get it here.

4.  TGN embed everything.  This is one of the coolest plugins I came across this past year.  You can literally embed anything.  Sometimes it can be difficult to embed something with wordpress, but this is no longer the case.  Get this plugin here.

5.  Wordpress SEO.  This plugin is powerful.  Be careful!  If you want to see a keyword density of a post, this plugin will do that.  Make sure to install this plugin!  Get it here.


What other plugins do you use? 

  • Anonymous

    The two I have to have on our blog (besides the four or five custom made ones) are Scissors Continued (optimize images within the Media Library) and User Role Editor (for the multi-author admin restrictions).

  • Thanks for sharing this, I always like seeing what other people use. I’ve been playing around with the shareaholic (sexybookmarks) plugin, but so far it won’t install properly yet. No matter what changes I make (including deactivating the whole thing and yes, deleting my cache) it always shows up the same. So I have some figuring out to do there, but I do like it. 
    As for Disqus, I’m still not convinced why it’s so much better than the native WP comment system. I have a very simple email verification thing set up, I don’t have to authorize comments, I have threaded comments so what additional benefits does Disqus offer?
    Some other pugins that I use: a whole bunch of Tentblogger’s plugins actually, also WP super cache, All in one SEO, a featured posts and related posts plugin, a comment redirect plugin and the All in One SEO plugin. Oh and the Broken Link thing, which is very handy to constantly check for broken links. 

    • Anonymous

      The best aspect of Disqus that WordPress’s default comments do not do is the one time activation. If I want to see your latest comments, I have to activate subscribing to it (which is two more steps and I have stopped doing). Disqus is one time activation ever. So when I leave a comment here or, I do not have to subscribe to it like I would yours, so I never get further into the discussion than one comment.

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