How to build a website in 10 Simple steps.

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A website is one of the most important ways to communicate today to teens.  They are online always.  This 10 step approach will help you design a site that will communicate effectively to the teenagers you want to reach.

1. First thing you need is a name. What is your youth groups name.  Try to be original!  At least pray about it before you go to a youth ministry site and steal someone else’s name.

2. Go to, and purchase a domain address, and hosting for your account. Simply purchase the basic hosting program.  I have found that hostnine is the best domain/hosting account.

3. Wait for your email from, with all your confirmation information. While your waiting go and download a few programs that will help you transfer          your website to your hosting account.  Cyberduck is a great program for mac’s, and      smart ftp for window’s users.

4. Once you get your confirmation information go and download wordpress. This is what we will use as a content management program.  If you have no idea what I just said, it helps you post on your site.

5.  Set up your ftp program. Once you have cyberduck, or smartftp and you have your info from’s email create a ftp account.  Open ftp program and put in your host information, ftp location is your site.  For this site its  If you get confused look back to your hostnine email.  You should be connected to your server by now.

6. On the front of your server put all the contents that are inside of the wordpress folder. Do not just drag the whole folder over.  Once you have done that go to and check out their 5 minute express install.  After this you should have a simple wordpress theme on your site.

7. Finding a theme. Go to,,  Find a theme that looks the way you want it to look.

8. Upload theme to your site. On your Ftp program click on the wp-contents folder then click on the themes folder.  Upload your newly purchased theme into the themes folder.  Just drag and drop it over.

9. Go to your site, and activate your theme. To do this you will need to go to  You will need your username and password to access your account.  Once logged in, Go down to appearance and click on themes.  You will see your new theme.  Activate it.

10. Mess around with your site.  Since the other stuff only took a couple of hours you will have tons of time to post to the main page, add new categories, or add a calendar.

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