Do you own an iPhone?  


Let’s be honest.  One of the greatest tools for any youth pastor is a great phone.  It allows you to be connected without having to be stuck at the office.  A great phone can also be your personal assistant, keeping you organized, and streamlined.  A great phone can also be a distraction from what is truly important.  The current iPhone operating system is good, but it is going to get a upgrade this fall.  The upgrades got me a little excited, and I think they will get you excited too!

Here are a few things that I am really excited about: 

1. Do Not Disturb.  I love that you can set your iPhone to a Do Not Disturb setting when you don’t want annoying email buzzes, or other notifications.  I can’t wait to use this service.  One cool feature is that you will be able to set up the do not disturb in various settings so that if someone calls twice, it will bypass the Do Not Disturb setting.



2. Phone reply with message.  I can’t wait for this update.  If you are in a meeting and someone calls, you can reply back with a text message.  You can also send yourself a reminder to call this person back(see image below!).  This will be a helpful feature for pastors who are always in meetings.



3. Passbook.  I love the idea of having all your events and cards in once central place.  Passbook is just that.  I can have my starbucks Gold Card as one, and movie pass to the midnight summer movie event ready to go.










4.  Safari.  With ios 6 coming in the fall, and Mountain Lion coming this summer, I am tempted to switch from chrome to safari.  What excites me about this mobile browser is that it stores your browsing in the cloud.  The cool feature about this is that you could read websites/articles off line.  Currently, I am using a program called Reeder, and I love this program.  The only downside of Reeder is that you can’t read articles offline.


What iPhone apps do you currently use the most?  






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