What do you tell students who come up to you and say that they struggle with porn?  I don’t know about you, but it happens all the time for me.  My heart breaks for these students who have been captured by digital images.  My heart breaks even more for the parents who are completely naive that “their” kids would never look at “those” websites.

The sad reality is that kids today are finding porn.  They are finding it online, on twitter, instagram, and SnapChat to just name a few places.  It quickly goes from being something they are curious about, into a full addiction.  Porn has and will change the sexual habits for generations.  Unless we do something about it.  Unless we take a stand against it.  Unless we walk with truth and grace with a whole generation of kids who are being destroyed by it.

I don’t know about you, but for me and my kids.  I am willing to do anything in order to protect them from porn.  From the addiction that it can easily become.  I have seen a little program before called X3 Watch.  When I first heard about X3 Watch it was just an accountability software for computers, but they have really branched out.  They are doing a great job trying to keep people porn free.

I don’t know know about you, but that is a great goal for me and my youth ministry.  To help parents protect and talk to their kids about online dangers and porn.

There are tons of options for parents to choose from.  They can get X3 Watch monthly or yearly for every device in their home.  What a simple way to open the devices up to what your kids are looking at each and every day.  To be honest, you might be surprised that your kids are doing an ok job battling it, for some parents this program will completely shock them.  The monthly report will shatter their naive perceptions of what their kids are looking at online.

Here is what X3 Watch does: 


Bring additional characters into your story immediately, when you need them. We can notify your accountability partners with an email the moment questionable websites get visited.


Some sites you know need to be off-limits. X3watch allows you to block those URLs once and for all. Have victory over porn addiction by blocking porn before it can appear on your devices.


Keep an eye on your own Internet use, ensure honesty with your spouse, and be proactive about protecting your kids. X3watch monitors what’s happening online and shares it with you or the people you choose


Install X3watch on all your computers and mobile devices, but keep things simple with one report for everything. Even if you use X3 on your laptop, desktop, and smart phones, we’ll merge all the info into one helpful report.


Link your X3watch account across multiple devices, every smart phone, iPad, tablet and iPod touch in your house with just one account.


In addition to the sites X3watch is already blocking, you can create a customized list of additional website you want to keep off-limits. Simply add new sites to your “Blacklist”. Plus you can ALLOW sites through the “Whitelist” that you and your family deem appropriate for viewing.


From your home office to your tablet to your smart phone, X3watch is flexible enough to work across a variety of platforms – MAC, iOS, PC, Android.


Those are just some of the featured that I love about X3 Watch.  It’s a great program.  It’s worth every penny.  There are two option for families.

1. Monthly at $6.99.

2. Yearly at $64.99

I know it feels like sometimes you are helpless when it comes to the issue of porn.  Here is one action step that you can take.  Forward this on to parents in your youth ministry.  Help them.  Help them protect their kids.  That is why you are their youth pastor.  I never knew this was an option for families.  It’s not a sliver bullet, but it will help prevent students from developing porn addictions.

My hope and prayer is that families in your churches would partner with you to deal with this issue.  I hope that you would be able to be a light in the darkness.  We need each other, and we need to be accountable.  Not just to judge each other and their actions, but to show grace and mercy.




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