What are you doing?  

I have amazing youth pastors checking out this site daily.  I am amazed at the comments and the quality of you people.  We have a  great tribe of youth workers.  At some point I feel that we have lost our voice.

Recently, I joined a really awesome network of up and coming youth workers called www.youthmin.org.  I will be guest posting monthly, but I felt it was important to be apart of a network.  I am excited to be apart of it.  You really need to check it out.  It got me thinking about youth ministry and the up and coming voices.  Not the voices of the youth pastors with the biggest youth ministries, I mean the men and women in the trenches that are pushing us to where youth ministry needs to go.  We live in exciting times, and your voice matters! (On a side note if you feel like you are stuck and need technological help please email me!)

I want to hear your voice and make sure that I connect with you.  Could you please leave me your site/blog so I can add it into my rss feed, and also your twitter name so I can retweet you to all the people that follow this site.  I look forward to connecting with you and building this great tribe of youth workers.

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