Do you eventually want to publish a book,or an ebook?

This past week I was reading an article by Seth Godin on Launching an Idea in a paperless world, and it made me start to think about youth ministry.  We need more authors in the youth ministry world.  I have received a few books from people asking if I could help them publish.  Guess what, I can’t get your book published.  What if you could publish yourself?  I want to hear your voice!  I think it is important and this is why I am in the process of writing a few ebooks that will be available in multiple formats.

Here are some ways I think you can publish today!  

1. Write an ebook.  I came out of seminary with a thesis that no one will ever read!  I spent 6 months working on the 65 page beast with over 100 citations.  On the flip side, in 12 hours I wrote my first ebook and in less than 6 months it has been downloaded over 300 times.  Can you condense your book that you want to write into multiple ebooks?  Or condense it into one ebook and then eventually work on marketing the full book.

2.  Build a blog.  What a great way to get an idea out there.  Here is a post I wrote on 10 simple steps to setting up a blog.  Once you set up a blog take a day to figure out at least 100 posts that are linked to your ebook.  At the end of every page direct them to your ebook!

3. Use Social Media.  Build a facebook page, a twitter account and follow my guide to social media.  This guide will help you set up everything you need to use social media.

4. Pay for Reviews.  This sounds like a crazy idea, but what if you paid people to review your book.  I would review your book, and I bet at least a 100 other youth workers who are bloggers would do the same.

5. Give it away for free.   Ok, if you want to get an idea out there maybe you have to give it away.  You could put it on your site, or on a email list.  There are so many ways you could give it away!


What is stopping you today from publishing something great? 

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