Youth ministry game human roomba



Here is a game that we played last week.  It was a huge hit, and it took almost no time to set up.

The best part of the youth ministry game human roomba is that everyone was involved at some point.

Here is what you need for this game: 

– A roll of duct tape for every group.  We broke into small groups.

– Post it notes.


Object of the game: To collect the most sticky notes by rolling on the floor.  

Here is how you play the game: 

1. Get the students into groups of 5-10.

2. Give them one roll of duct tape.

3. Instruct the groups to cover the leader with tape.  Sticky side out!

4.  Place all the post it notes on the floor.

5.  Get the leader to roll on the floor to try to pick up the post it notes.

6. The team with the most sticky notes on their human roomba wins.


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