It all started last fall.  We never expected or thought this would be needed.  It all started when  we created the youth ministry resource called, The Printable Youth Pastor, in 2013.  This past fall people were asking for a modified version.  It took a ton of time, and we will continue to run the series for free every year, but we noticed one thing.  When you give everything away for free, people won’t value it as much as paid resources.  I will never figure this out, but I have noticed that a ton of online youth ministry stores have popped up, and are not producing stuff that I could use in my youth ministry context.

Creating an online youth ministry store is a great way to go to conferences and workshops and give tons of resources away for free.  It’s also a great way to get friends resources out to the masses.  I am very proud of my team, and my friends in youth ministry who I think are the best in the business.

So, we created a youth ministry media store.  You can find it at  Last week we gave away $5000 dollars worth of coupons to our loyal readers.  We are going to give discounts only to our email list each month.  If you want crazy deals you can sign up here.

One thing I am asking is that you view this store as a work in progress.  We will be getting it up and running, and there will be some glitches.  I am asking that you be patient with us.  We are just a small little website that is trying to help youth pastors do what they are called to do.

Here is what we are offering:

1. Sermons.  I love crafting sermons and I have honestly been wrestling whether or not to put these online.  I really don’t like the idea of someone repreaching my stuff, but I have come to the terms with it, and I really hope it helps you.  I hope that it gives you more confidence to preach God’s word in a way that reaches students.

2. Countdown Clocks.  This is one simple way to make your youth ministry transitions flawless.   You can easily use these countdowns to hype up the night, or to transition your games, talks, and anything else.

3. Branding.  Banners, banners, and more banners.  We love these things.  We have the cheapest contact in the business, and these banners have made our youth ministry turn a shared space into our space.  Worth the investment.

4. Office.  All things office supplies.  Calendars, business cards, and badges.   A youth pastor laughed at me recently at a conference when I told him I am putting business cards on this website.  He said, “who would use that?”  One of the most significant way to connect new families in my church is to give a business card.  I try to give away one each week to a new family.  Simple way to connect with new people.

5. Games.  We love games.  We also love games that work in different youth ministry capacities.  All the games on the store have been used in a youth ministry.  We know they will work.


You can check out the youth ministry media store here.

What else would you add to the store?   


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