What program do you use to track attendance in your youth ministry? 

In the past year we would keep track of people by simply counting heads on a youth night.  This was a simply way of tracking students, but in a group of over 60 students, I have noticed that this isn’t a great way of keeping track of people.  If all I cared about was the total number of each night, then counting heads would work.  One thing we have noticed in a larger youth ministry is that students are slipping through the cracks.  They are attending, and then slowly falling away.  These students think that we don’t noticed them gone, but we do.  This has lead to finding ways to communicate within the small groups the students are placed in.  This led us naturally to try the iPhone app Youth Ministry Tracker.

Youth Ministry Tracker is a iPhone app that helps youth pastors / youth leaders track attendance.  The creators of this app did a fantastic job on the design of this app.  It looks amazing!  There are tons of features that you will have to take some time to figure out.

Here are some of the cool features:


youth ministry tracker review 1You can easily set up events and make them repeatable.  This will be so handy for youth pastors to set up reoccuring events.  What a simple way to track attendance, and keep track of new students.


youth ministry tracker review 2


This app allows for the user to quickly check students in by image.  This would allow leaders who don’t know everyone to be able to sign everyone in.

One of the downsides of this app is that you can’t have multiple users under one account.  For my youth ministry, ideally we would keep track of people in their small group, but for now we will have to settle with keeping track of all the students with one iPad at the beginning of the night.  This isn’t ideal, and doesn’t help the leader to student connection that we want to foster.

The app Youth Ministry Tracker  is a great start of a youth ministry swiss army knife, all-in-one online tool.  But, for $14.99 there are tons of features that I will wait for until I invest $100+ in order to get all my leaders on this app.  For now, we will use one version that will sign everyone in.  I would recommend downloading this app and giving in a try.  For groups under 40 students, this will be a game changer.  If you have a larger group, and are small groups based, there is tons of room to grow.  I know the guys who make this app will be constantly developing it and making it better.  Check it the app youth ministry tracker.

Youth Ministry Tracker 

[table width =”100%” style =”table-bordered” responsive =”false”]

[row_column]Good Stuff[/row_column]
[row_column]Bad Stuff[/row_column]

– Looks Amazing

– Easy To Use

– Tracks Attendance


– Cost ($14.99), Would love to see this in the $5.99 range.

– Can’t sync the data with multiple apps.



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