We are always on the look out for new and cool tech gadgets.

Here are few things that are useful for any youth worker.  We have also included some fun tech toys, and also some apps. There are gifts that are free, and some that cost over $300.  Check them out.  .


Nike+ FuelBand – I want one of these cool gadgets.  I love having a daily challenge.  I always need to find ways to stay health, and in shape.
Apple iPad Air  – I love my ipad.  I know that every Apple hater out there will jump on my for this.  I love preaching from my iPad, and reading on my iPad.  I personally think this is one investment that every youth worker should take.
Apple 16GB iPad Mini w/ Retina Display  – If you can’t afford the iPad, or if you want something that isn’t as big as an iPad, this is for you.  Love the new iPad Mini’s with the retina displays.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player – I read this article over at called, Why your church needs chromecast, and I was sold.  I want one of these cool devices.

The Pencil Stylus from Paper  – I hate writing on my iPad.  I hope this will change that.

Apple TV – This is a must need for any youth room.  I love that you can airplay music, or videos.  You can play games through your projector.

Antec Frequency Band BLU Bluetooth Receiver (Blue) – Best bluetooth receiver for the car hands down.
Anker® Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Aluminum Cover with Stand for iPad  – Pimp out your iPad with a keyboard.  I am using my Mac Pro less and less.

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone –  A couple of years ago I invested in a great pair of headphones, and I have never regretted it.  Love having great headphones while destroying my to-do list.

Photoshop Keyboard Cover for MacBook (PS-M-CC-2) – Do you know where all the short keys are?  Here is a keyboard to help you learn.  This is for all my photoshop loving friends.  Please repent and come over to the illustrator side!

Adobe Illustrator Covers AI-M-CC-2 MacBook Skin – Here is a skin for the true graphic designer.  This is on my wish list for the next year.  Love illustrator!


For Apple Keyboards – Lazerwood’s 100% Real Walnut Wood Keys For MacBook Pro
Black – This is one way to make your Mac Book Pro keyboard look amazing.  Who wouldn’t want wood keys?

Block Rocker Explorer Sound System with Bluetooth, 75hrs Batter Life – This thing is awesome.  Using a Mic through this system isn’t worth it, but it is useful for playing music.  I love the 75 hour battery life.

Smartphone Mount Astronauts– I need this for my desk….Now!!!

Power Nap Office Pillow – Why not have a nap in the middle of the day at the office?

TSSS® Disco DJ Stage Lighting LED RGB Crystal RAINBOW COLOR Effect light KTV Xmas Party Wedding Show Club Pub – Turn your youth room into a sweet hangout with these awesome lights.

Apotop USB 2.0 32GB Flash Drive for Apple MacBook Air/Pro (AP-U2 Silver 32GB)– This flash drive looks awesome, and has 32GB’s of room!!!! How useful is that?  This might be a boxing day buy.

Golden Housing iphone 5 Middle Frame Replacement (5G Metal Back Housing / Back Panel Cover / Housing Assembly) – I was a sucker, and purchased the iPhone 5.  Not a huge fan of it.  Get this cover and turn your 5 in to a 5S.

Liveboard – A cool way to display the score to a baseball game.

OUYA Console – This is the only console you need this year.  Forget PS4 and the Xbox One.  OUYA is awesome.


Fighter Verses ($2.99) – I have been thinking lately that one of the most important things a Christian can do is memorize scripture.  I love this app, and how it helps me memorize the Word.

Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening (Free) – My friend Frank Gil shared this a few weeks ago.  I love Spurgeon, and I love this daily devotional.

Things ($9.99, To-do app) – The only to-do list we use.  The best one on the market for Apple Users.

ESV Study Bible app ($14.99) – Why not have a great Bible at your finger tips?  Love this Bible, and love having all the content on my iPad and iPhone.  Useful!

Dj App 2 –  We love this app, and use it every week.  We have someone djaying in the lobby when students arrive.  It sure does change the feeling of a room in a hurry.

There is the list.  What else would you add to this? 

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