What texting program do you use?

There are tons of texting services out there.  We recommend that you use one for your youth ministry.  This is the best way to communicate effectively today in a digital world.  YS Group Texting is a great program that is built for youth ministry from people in youth ministry.

The best thing about using a texting program is that people actually will see the message.  If you use facebook, instagram or twitter, you will be lucky to get 20-30% of the people that follow you reading your message.  When you use a texting program 100% of the texts will be received.  I remember the day that I started to use a texting program, and sent out my first text message.  I couldn’t believe that the people in my youth ministry all received the message.

My strategy for communicate with students and parents in my youth ministry is having a texting service.

Here are some features of YS group texting

SMS Broadcast: Easily send text messages to a database built up of your students, volunteers and parents.

Dedicated Coaching: Get personalized coaching, support, and campaign guidance from your personal Account Coach.

SMS Feedback: Show your students that you care by asking and gathering their feedback via text.

Mobile Send: Quickly and easily send messages from your smartphone with our full mobile platform.

One-Click Messaging: Schedule & Post a message to Twitter, Facebook and your SMS Database all at once.

Event Reminders: Schedule SMS event reminders for your students, parents or volunteers about upcoming events.

We recommend this texting program for youth ministries.  It is one of the best texting programs out.

Things we love: Things that need work:
– price- easy to use

– post to everywhere


– trial account would be helpful 




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